Assignment 3

My free podcast subscription was with Mr. Marcos from the iTunes store. I picked this podcast subscription because many of the topics that we study in my basic freshman math class.

What I liked most about the podcasts in this subscription is that they are video podcasts made by students so when I show them in class my students don't feel like they're just being lectured by another adult. I've shown some of the podcasts as an intro to class like the "Quick Tip: Muliply by 9" episode. It is just a short 1 minute podcast that shows a trick to multiplying by 9. I have a lot of students that struggle with basic math facts in my classes and they found it interesting. I also showed the "Quick Look at Finding the Median" podcast to my Statistics class. Medians were just a small part of the lesson and most or all of them knew how to find medians already but it was a different way to start class.

There are several other podcasts on fractions, geometry, and linear equations that I can use later this year when we get to those topics in the book.