Robert Limberg

Math 1 advertisement created with Audacity.

Assignment 1

"Getting Started A guide for using ipods and itunes for teaching and learing"
This website starts out explaining some of the basic functions of ipods, how ipods are used, and some accessories you can get for your ipod. The site then goes on to give many examples of how ipods can be used in the classroom. Some of the examples just ideas while others are actual success stories. The resource section has a lot of links to using ipods in the classroom as well as links to software for creating podcasts and other ipod applications.

"Is All About Math"
This is a website dedicated to video podcasts for mathematics and it has a link to subscribe on iTunes at the top of the page. The podcasts topics are too advanced for most high school students but I thought the videos were very well done. The podcast that really caught my attention was called "Are you having Phun yet?" Phun is a free software program that can be used for math, physics, computer programming, and engineering. The program allows you to create virtual "machines" and watch them operate.

"iPods in education"
This is a site about uses, ideas, and applications for the iPod and iPod Touch in education. The site doesn't really have any of its own apps or podcasts but it has a tremendous amount of links to other sites that cover everything from blogs, podcasting, applications, videos, etc. It is a very good resource for everything iPod.

"Math Tutor"
This site contains a variety of pocasts about Math. Topics include Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. I plan on using the Trigonometry podcasts in class next week because they cover the same topics the students are studying in class. The animations in the videos do an excellent job of showing how trig functions work.

"100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better"
It is exactly what the title says, 100 links to help use your iPod. The links are grouped into sections like study guides, podcasts, applications, and classroom help. Not all the ideas are for school settings. For example, Podtender 3.0 is a recipe book of 900 mix drinks that you can store on your iPod.

"iPod in the Classroom Lesson Plans"
Links to a number of detailed lesson plans all using iPods. There are a wide variety of activities using different types of software like GarageBand and iMovie.

"iPods in the Classroom"
An education technology coordinator from Orange County California gives his opinion on using iPods in the classroom. He talks about how they are being used in his district including a kit from Nike that was used in a physical education class to track the amount of calories students burn each day.

"Grand Prairie Schools Welcome iPods in Classrooms"
An article about a district that invested $73,114 in 321 iPods for the classroom. Several examples of how teachers are using the iPods are given and the Carrollton-Farmers Branch school district is mentioned. A school that has 4,000 iPods in use district wide.

"Classroom Audio Podcasting"
This article talks about digital learners and gives 10 reasons why podcasting should be used in the classroom. There are also several links to software and how-to sites for podcasting.

"Nike + iPod Meet Your New Personal Trainer"
Nike offers a kit that allows you to track your running work outs using an iPod nano or iPod touch. By putting a sensor in your Nike+ shoe you can have your iPod keep track of your distance, pace, and calories burned while listening to your favorite music or Nike sport music that comes with the kit. It looks like a fun tool to use in a P.E. class.