Title of Lesson:
Understanding Slope and Y-intercept Using GCalc

Date: Timeframe of Lesson: Two class periods
Author(s): Robert Limberg
School District: Marinette High School
Subject Area(s): Mathematics
Grade Level(s)/Course: Freshman Math 1

State Standards
Subject Specific:
A.12.1 Use reason and logic to
evaluate information
perceive patterns
identify relationships
formulate questions, pose problems, and make and test conjectures
pursue ideas that lead to further understanding and deeper insight
A.12.2 Communicate logical arguments and clearly show
an understanding of the differences between examples that support a conjecture
F.12.2 Use mathematical functions in a variety of ways, including
describing the relationships amoung variable quantities in a problem
using appropriate technology to interpret properties of their graphical representations

Technology Specific:
A.12.3 Use a computer and productivity software to organize and create information to complete a class assignment

Stated Objective(s)

  • Students will learn to identify the slope in a linear equation.
  • Students will learn to identify the y-intercept in a linear equation.
  • Students will write a conjecture about the values in the equations and the relation to the graph.
  • Students will learn how to copy the graphs and insert them in to microsoft word documents.
Procedures for Lesson

  • The class will meet in a computer lab and the assignment will be accessed from my blog site.
  • We will discuss the idea of the slope of a line and what y-intercept is.
  • Students will answer questions about the basic functions of the GCalc graphing calculator.
  • Students will graph the equations given to them and form a conjectures about slope.
  • Students will graph the equations given to them and form a conjecture about y-intercept.
  • I will explain how to copy a graph and paste it in to a word document.
  • Students will type up their conjectures in microsoft word and insert graphs to support their findings.
Assessment or Evaluation
Students will be graded on the microsft word docment they hand in.
Students should use GCalc for other graphing assignments in the unit.
Blog site for the assignment
GCalc to do the assignment
Microsoft Word to type up the answers for the assignment

Technology Resources: Use of a computer lab and printer, URL for the assignment.