Robert Limberg

EDT 604

Assignment 4: Unit plan using iPods.

Title: Operations with Fractions.

Grade Level: Freshman mathematics.

Duration: 1 week

1. Students will be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and mixed numbers.
2. Students will learn to create video podcasts.
3. Students will learn to upload and download podcasts.

1. Laptops with WiFi.
2. iPod touches for every student in the class.
3. A computer with a Promethean board and a microphone.

State Standards:
A.12.5 Organize work and present mathematical procedures and results clearly, systematically, succinctly, and correctly.

B.12.3 Perform and explain operations on real numbers (add, subtract, multiply, divide, raise to a power, extract a root, take opposites and reciprocals, determine absolute value).

Information and Technology Literacy
A.12.1 Use common media and technology terminology and equipment to produce a short video program.

A.12.4 Use a computer and communications software to access and transmit information.

A.12.5 Use media and technology to create and present information.

B.12.4 Evaluate and select information from a variety of print, nonprint, and electronic formats.

D.12.1 Participate productively in workgroups or other collaborative learning environments.
1. Students will put in groups of 3 and assigned one fraction operation (add, subtract, multiply, or divide) per group.
2. Each group will be responsible to master their operation using a text, internet research, and my assistance.
3. Once a group masters an operation they will plan their video podcast.
4. Each group will be responsible to create a video podcast using Promethean software and a microphone explaining their procedures.
5. Podcasts will be uploaded to a math wiki where all students will have access to them.
6. Each group must create a 5 problem worksheet using Microsoft Word and Equation Editor that will also be uploaded to the math wiki from the laptops.
7. Each student will download all of the podcasts to their iPod touch. Using these podcasts, each student will do the other groups 5 question worksheets. The students will save their answers on the word document and save them on a network drive where I can grade them.
8. Students will see the results of their worksheets and be given a chance to ask questions.
9. A 20 question Quiz will be given to complete the unit.

1. A rubric will be used to evaluate the podcasts.
2. Student will be graded on their worksheet answers.
3. Students will graded on their 20 question quiz.